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US Data Corporation Receives 2013 Omaha Award

US Data Corporation does it again, setting the bar for list companies worldwide.

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US Data Corporation Specialty Lists

Whether you are in a unique, new or emerging industry with very specific, targeted list requirements or your requirements fall into one of the buckets below, US Data Corporation is able to fine-tune your marketing efforts by supplying laser-targeted lists and specialty marketing data. If it exists, we have it. Your offers must be matched with specific prospects in order to maximize your response rates and your ROI.

Specialty lists are often overlooked because marketers hope to attain the same high response rates when purchasing a general business or consumer file. Targeted lists and general marketing lists are two completely different approaches. Purchasing a general marketing list is more of a numbers game, whereas specialty list marketing will increase your per record response. General, untargeted lists can be effective in only very broad-based campaigns (pizza, soda, mobile phone, insurance companies), whereas specialty list marketing is effective in all industries because you are targeting the specific individuals who are most likely to respond to your offer.

For instance, our clients who purchased a specialty mailing list have seen double and even triple the response rates than those who purchased a general mailing list. Spending a little more on your list can really make a difference.

Our specialty lists are derived from over 40 response and public sources.

Select from:

* Accountants Database
* Advertising Agencies Database
* Ailment Sufferers
* Aircraft Owners
* Auto Buyers
* Auto Warranties
* Banking Executives Database
* Beverage Industry
* Big Business Executives
* Board of Directors At Home Address
* Boat and Yacht Owners
* Book Publishing Industry
* Bookstores Database
* Brides-to-Be
* Broadband Industry
* Business Factoring Lists
* Business Fax Numbers
* Call Center Leads
* Canadian Businesses
* CD Holders
* Chemical Sales Leads
* Clubs and Organizations database
* Commercial Finance Sales Leads
* Computer Users Database
* Conservative Contributors
* Construction Sales Leads
* Corporate Counsels
* Corporate Gift Buyers
* Country Club Golfers
* Credit Card Holders
* Credit Card Processing
* Credit Card Receivables Financing
* Donors by Type
* Energy Industry Leads
* Environmental Sales Leads
* Film Industry Leads
* Financial Professionals Database
* Food and Beverage Industry Leads
* Future Millionaires
* Government Marketing
* HR-Personnel Executives
* International Data
* Journalism Industry Leads
* Liberal Contributors
* Logistics Industry Leads
* Mail Order Buyers
* Marketing Analysis
* Media and Entertainment Leads
* Meeting Planners Database
* Merchant Services
* Millionaires Plus
* Music Industry Leads
* National Advertisers Database
* Newly Issued Credit Cards
* Niche Marketing Leads
* Nurses
* Occupational Therapists
* Online Gamblers
* Pharmaceutical Sales Leads
* Pharmacists
* Physical Therapists
* Pilots Masterfile
* Political Marketing
* Public Records
* Publishing Industry Leads
* Real Estate
* Respiratory Therapists
* Retail Store Issued Charge Cards
* Retired Physicians
* Sales and Marketing Database
* Savings and Loan Database
* Securities Investors
* Security Dealers
* Semiconductor Sales Leads
* Small Business Finance Leads
* Sophisticated Investors
* Sports Industry Leads
* Tax Liens
* Telecommunication
* Telemarketing
* Television Industry Leads
* Timeshare Owners & Prospects
* Transportation Industry Leads
* Travel Enthusiasts
* Trucking Industry Leads
* Ultra Affluent-Doctors
* Ultra Affluent-Ethnic Americans
* Ultra Affluent-Families with Children
* Ultra Affluent-Women
* Voter Data
* Web Design
* Call for more!

Call one of our friendly account representatives today at 888-610-3282 for a free quote or chat with one of our Specialty List experts right now by clicking here:


Mention PROMO CODE WEB110X for your First Time Buyer Discount of 10% off your specialty list purchase!*


*Cannot be combined with any other offer or price discount. Minimum order is $750. Maximum promotional value is $500. Limit one per customer.

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US Data Corporation is not a Consumer Reporting Agency. It does not provide consumer or credit information for purposes of employment screening, housing, insurance eligibility, or credit decisions. All US Data email lists are opt-in and CAN-SPAM compliant. All US Data mailing lists follow DNC guidelines and scrubbing.

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