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US Data Corporation Receives 2013 Omaha Award

US Data Corporation does it again, setting the bar for list companies worldwide.

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US Data Corporation Mortgage Lists

Identify potential customers for second mortgages, refinancing, home equity loans, insurance offers, and more with US Data's Mortgage File.

It’s easy to select the perfect mix that tailors your leads lists in exact accord with your offer. This degree of detail gives lenders, insurers, and mortgage companies the vital edge needed when making financially targeted offers to qualified homeowners.

This database subset for targeted leads encompassing one million deed-transactions per month, against a Tax Roll file of 38 million single family and condominium residences, has over 12 million transactions annually that have been identified with a change of home ownership and go back to the late 1980's.

These qualified leads can be utilized for New Homeowner offers, PMI Insurance Users, Refinance and Mortgage lead generation catered to financing undertakings and much more.

This deed driven database, compiled from County Recorders Offices, provides a daily snapshot of most transactions that changes ownership.

More Details on the Mortgage Database:

• Database features expanded demographic data, including over 150 individual Ethnic selects and 80 Language options.   
• List criteria is derived from 114 million households representing 96% of U.S. population.
• Provides the breadth and depth necessary to implement highly targeted marketing initiatives utilizing over 300 individual selects.
• Target homeowners with a current Adjustable Rate Mortgage to convert to a fixed-rate loan.
• Identify potential Reverse Mortgage candidates based on age and lending information.
• Pinpoint Property Owners in need of specific home improvements based on characteristics such as age of home, building type and other property specific data.
• Reach homeowners in need of financial assistance using our custom Pre-foreclosure model.
• Target Refinance or Loan Modification candidates based on modeled credit rating and the owner's most recent loan information.

Mortgage Selection Criteria Available:


Down Payment Amount
Dwelling Unit Type
Current Home Value
Available Equity
Monthly Payment
Mortgage Amount
Loan Type (VA, FHA, HARP, conv.)
Interest Rate at Sale
Purchase Price
Private Party Lender
Rate Type (fixed, variable)
Sale Date

New Sales
Resale Sales
Seller Carry Backs
Length of Residence
Telephone Number
Marital Status
Presence of Children
Demographic Selects
And Much More!

Call one of our friendly US Data agents today at 888-610-3282 and ask for a free quote or chat with one of our Mortgage List experts right now by clicking here:


Mention PROMO CODE WEB110X for your First Time Buyer Discount of 10% off your mortgage list purchase!*


*Cannot be combined with any other offer or price discount. Minimum order is $750. Maximum promotional value is $500. Limit one per customer.

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