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US Data Corporation Receives 2013 Omaha Award

US Data Corporation does it again, setting the bar for list companies worldwide.

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Mobile Marketing Solutions from US Data Corporation

Reach individuals on the go! Mobile marketing subscribers comprise a tech savvy, responsive audience who embrace this technology and are rarely (if ever!) caught without their cell phone. Mobile Marketing is quickly gaining momentum and traction due to the speed to market, reach and overwhelmingly positive response rates. By integrating Mobile Marketing into traditional advertising, we help marketers remain on the cutting edge and keep their marketing efforts relevant as well as innovative in today's technology-driven marketplace.

Mobile Marketing sends a brief SMS message to consumers on their mobile phones. This new service will take your multi-channel marketing strategy to the next level. The mobile phone numbers available for SMS campaigns are 100% opt-in and the US Data Corporation Mobile Database is sourced through online and offline surveys, lifestyle questionnaires, ring tone and wallpaper downloads and online sweepstakes promotions.


• 75% of text messages are read within an hour of receipt
• Text message campaigns have over 80% open rates
• Targeted reach to over 55 Million mobile subscribers
• SMPP technology for increased speed and deliverability

Mobile Marketing Specs:

• A text message including link and/or phone number with a maximum of 135 characters including spaces. We do not accept video, audio, or images.
• Maximum seed list of 5 mobile numbers for testing. We include 1 mobile retest.
* Additional retests are subject to a $25 fee per requested retest.
• Average turn-around time is 3-5 days

Target your market by:

Home Owner
Income Select
Lifestyle Select
Length of Residence
Marital Status
Presence of Children

Consumers have adopted the technology and brands who embrace innovation and have a competitive advantage.

Ideal for ticket sales offers, coupon redemption, driving foot traffic, driving traffic to WAP sites, brand awareness and viral campaigns.



Call one of our friendly account representatives today at 888-578-3282 for a free quote or chat with one of our Mobile Marketing experts right now by clicking here:

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