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Voice Broadcast Services

Voice Broadcasts enable you to send consistent voice messages to destinations throughout the world, while maintaining the "human touch". You can deliver personal messages that can be programmed for answering machines only, for live-answer only, or for a combination of both – with the same or alternative messages – it's your choice. There are no investments in new hardware or software required. All you have to do is provide us your marketing script and our team of professional voice recorders and voice broadcast experts will take care of the rest. US Data manages the delivery for you and sends a detailed report of results with both summary and detailed information about your broadcasts within 24 business hours of the completion of your broadcast.

Expand your Marketing Mix – Voice Broadcasts add a powerful vehicle into your overall marketing mix, enabling you to expand both your reach and frequency when communicating with your target audience.

Cost Effective - The cost of Voice Broadcasts are usually half that spent on traditional direct mail campaigns…and much more effective!

Loyalty Programs ... Political Campaigns ... Enhancing Direct Mail Penetration to Increase Response Rates ... Notification of Meetings, Seminars, Conferences, Delivery/Pickup Dates ... Businesses-to-Business Prospecting ... Employee Communications ... and much more!

How We Charge
A $.15/minute charge will be applied for voice broadcast services alone. If the marketing message is 30 seconds or less, each successfully delivered message will be $.15. List cost is separate.
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