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Ultra Affluent Americans Masterfile

The US Data Ultra Affluent Americans Masterfile is comprised of over 80 sources which are verified and triple-checked to bring you the most accurate and complete mail listing of the nation's richest individuals. Using fresh, new indicators of wealth and eliminating out-of-date sources, you are able to select from truly affluent consumers with ample money to spend. Ultra Affluent Americans selections are perfect for:
  • Fundraising Appeals
  • Travel & Related Offers
  • High Ticket Merchandise
  • Gift Catalogs
  • Financial Offers
  • Business Publications
  • Lifestyle Magazines
  • Consumer Publications
  • High-End Electronics
Reach the wealthiest Americans by lifestyle, interest, and hundreds of other available demographic selections.
US Data Corporation, Marketing Programs & Services, Omaha, NE
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US Data Corporation is not a Consumer Reporting Agency. It does not provide consumer or credit information for purposes of employment screening, housing, insurance eligibility, or credit decisions. All US Data email lists are opt-in and CAN-SPAM compliant. All US Data mailing lists follow DNC guidelines and scrubbing.

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