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Reverse Mortgage File

As the number of seniors over 62 grows every year, there are more and more opportunities for financial institutions to capitalize on reverse mortgages. With the US Data Reverse Mortgage File, you can reach every single homeowner that is eligible for this type of loan, based on specific demographics like their age, home value, mortgage balance and property type. The beautiful thing about marketing to this group of homeowners is that many of them don't realize that they have the opportunity to turn their home equity into readily available cash! Utilize the US Data Reverse Mortgage File and spread the word. With our monthly updates, you can be sure to beat your competition and close more loans as a result.

List Source:
County recorder records, title company data, tax assessor offices and credit bureaus.

More Selects for more effective target marketing:
Available Home Equity, Lender Type, Loan Date, Loan to Value Ratio, Total Loans, Property Type, Home Size, Foreclosure Date, Lender Name, Loan Interest, Purchase Amount, Home Value, Trust Owned, Lot Size, Lendable Home Equity, Loan Amount, Transaction Type, Purchase Date, Homeowner Type, Year Built, Adult Age, and many more!
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