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National Pre-Mover Database

The US Data National Pre-Mover Database is comprised of properties advertised for sale outside of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and properties For Sale by Owner. This file makes it possible to reach homeowners at the precise moment that moving related expenses begin to spike and offers a significant advantage over those marketers who wait until these same entries appear on a New Movers mailing list. Because it is compiled without the aid of realty databases or title records, there are no MLS imposed marketing or advertising restrictions. Get ahead of your competition with our National Pre-Mover Database.

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Contact name and phone numbers

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  • Each month approximately 450,000 new entries are added to the database.
  • 25% of these records contain contact name.
  • 20% of these records contain phone numbers.
  • All records older than 90 days are purged from the database.
  • The total universe is approximately 1.3 million at any given date.
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US Data Corporation is not a Consumer Reporting Agency. It does not provide consumer or credit information for purposes of employment screening, housing, insurance eligibility, or credit decisions. All US Data email lists are opt-in and CAN-SPAM compliant. All US Data mailing lists follow DNC guidelines and scrubbing.

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