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Precious Metal Investors Database
Weekly Update of U.S. Investors

The US Data Precious Metal Investors Database is comprised of people who hold a significant portion of their portfolios in gold and other precious metals as a hedge against inflation, market downturns and political instability. Given the rising rates of interest over the past 4 years and America’s military involvement abroad, this file has grown significantly in both number and in responsiveness to offers pertaining to preservation of capital offers, additional precious metal investment, and other growth vehicles that prioritize safety of the principle.

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List Source:
Response file of people who have invested in precious metals in the past, magazine subscriptions, buying history, associations, directories, publications and diverse, private and proprietary sources.

Data Selects:
Our base record includes a complete name and standardized mailing address - which contains the full street address, secondary address, city name, state and ZIP+4.

Additional Selects for More Effective Target Marketing...

SIC Codes - Comprised of complete 4+2+2 codes

Telephone Numbers - Enhanced with verified connectivity status

Geographic Targeting - Offered at the State, County, MSA, ZIP Code, Area Code, and Rooftop Latitude/Longitude Level

DNC Flagged - Available with Do-Not-Call status through the DMA and national Do-Not-Call Lists
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