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New Business Connects Database

There are over 6 million new businesses established in the US each year, and close to 2 million expand into new locations. These businesses are prime targets for new products and services, from office furniture and telecommunications to insurance. The US Data New Business Connects Database gives you a head start on your competition by providing you with a fresh way to reach these prospects. With enhanced data from our multiple telco-verified sources and exclusive partnerships, New Business Connects provides you with approximately 150,000 new business contacts each month. This file contains all recently established businesses, as well as existing businesses that have expanded into new locations with telephony services.

Additional selects for more effective target marketing...

SIC Codes - comprised of complete 4+2+2 codes

Telephone Numbers - Enhanced with verified connectivity status

Geographic Targeting - offered at the State, County, MSA, Zip Code, Area Code and Rooftop Latitude/Longitude Level

DNC Flagged - Available with Do Not Call status through the SMA and national Do Not Call Lists
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