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Email Broadcast Guidelines

Here is what we need from you to meet the US and Canadian legal requirements for email broadcasting:

HTML Email (.html file)
• must have all images full referenced (use absolute URLs, not relative)
• file size of all images and HTML code must be under 100K (50K is ideal)
• generally 600 pixels wide and 500 - 800 pixels in height displays optimally in most email applications
• we suggest limiting text to under 250 words and a single link to a landing page on your website that clearly explains your offer
• since as many as 2/3rds of recipients use preview panes in Outlook or other applications, the top 2 inches of creative should include your main offer copy/graphic

Text-Back-up Email (.txt file without formatting e.g. not a Word .doc)
- required for those who can't view HTML - approx 10% to 20%

FROM Label
- some lists require a FROM label, and this must be the legal name of the advertiser, and can not be a person's name or a promotional label

Reply Email Address
- a reply email address will appear in the FROM line next to the FROM label and will be where replies will be sent (again, this is not always required)

- keep this benefit oriented and avoid common SPAM keywords (under 70 characters in length is optimal)

Advertiser Mailing Address
- must appear in the body of text and HTML emails as per law
- must be advertiser's full mailing address - no PO Boxes allowed

Opt-out email reply address or a link to an unsubscribe function
- advertisers must maintain and regularly update (monthly at least) a list of unsubscribers (called a "suppression file") to all email programs

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US Data Corporation is not a Consumer Reporting Agency. It does not provide consumer or credit information for purposes of employment screening, housing, insurance eligibility, or credit decisions. All US Data email lists are opt-in and CAN-SPAM compliant. All US Data mailing lists follow DNC guidelines and scrubbing.

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