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E-Commerce Database

With the US Data E-Commerce Database, you can tap into a vast variety of prospects, from Online Advertisers to specific E-Commerce Platform Users, Pay-Per-Click Advertisers to Banner Advertisers. You can even target clients of a web hosting competitor, online affiliates of your competitors, or users of a given eCRM application. This data offers a golden opportunity for any company looking to reach a highly targeted database of e-commerce businesses and/or their clients.

Additional Selects Available...

Website Maintenance Level, Web Design Firms, Website Popularity, E-Commerce Enabled Businesses, Website Size, New Businesses to the Web, Website Complexity, Online Advertisers/Businesses, Job Title, Website Hosting Providers/Resellers, Job Function, SSL Certificate Owners, Employee Size, Type of Server Operating System, Estimated Revenue, Hosting Type, SIC Code, Multi-Website Owners, Meta Keyword, Type of Web Server, Company Keyword Description, ISPs, and more!

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