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Canadian Business Database

This US Data Canadian Business Database is compiled from more than 4000 Yellow Page Directories, Telephone-Verified, and enhanced with public information, such as annual reports. Companies with 1-4 employees make up 52% of this database and 44% of the company records contain the owner's name. Companies with a sales volume of under $150,000 make up 32% of the database.

This data is 99% accurate at the record level and no other competing database has more records. Telephone verification and NCOA processing means high deliverability and phone connectivity rates, making your next marketing campaign painless and lucrative.

  • Name of Key Exec.
  • Company Name
  • Employee Size
  • Sales Volume
  • More than 30 Selects Available!
Primary Uses:
All marketing lists are rented for a one time use with the approved offer, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. Unlimited usage is for a one year period. Sample mailing piece/ telemarketing script required on all orders prior to shipping.
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