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Big Business Executives Masterfile

Grow Your Bottom-Line Profits With These Big Business Executives!

This file consists of the top and middle executives responsible for implementing policies, procedures and practices within their institution. Their duties include decisions on all aspects of the business industry. They represent over 74,659 corporations nationwide.

These names definitely belong on the mailing schedule of every direct marketer with offers for business books, magazines, newsletters and memberships ... continuing education ... seminars and workshops ... training programs ... time management systems ... computer systems and software ... office supplies and equipment ... executive items ... credit card programs ... banking and financial services ... business-to-business offers of every variety ... and better quality consumer goods and services.

Some of the selections available...

By State - All 50 states are available, plus Washington DC
SIC Code - 97 different SIC Code Selections
Title - Over 50 different selections
Employee Size - Over 30,000 companies w/ 5000+ employees
Sales Volume - Over 40,000 companies w/ $1 Billion + in Sales Volume
Type of Company - Private or Public
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