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US Data Active Investors Database
- Weekly Update of U.S. Investors -

The US Data Active Investors Database is comprised of people who have either invested or inquired to invest in at least one conservative and/or speculative investment within the last 12 months for a minimum of $10,000.

This database consists of CD Holders, Note Holders, Securities Investors, Mutual Fund Investors, Options and Futures Market Investors, Real Estate Investors, Venture and Angel Investors.

85% male, 15% female
Average Age - 49
Average Unit of Sale -$10,000.00

List Source
Current public records of all types, classifieds, associations, directories, publications and diverse private and proprietary sources.

Data Selects
Our base record includes a complete name and standardized mailing address - which contains the full street address, secondary address, city name, state and ZIP+4.

Additional Selects for More Effective Target Marketing:

Telephone Numbers Enhanced w/ verified connectivity status

Geographic Targeting Offered at the State, County, MSA, ZIP Code, Area Code and Rooftop Latitude/Longitude Level

DNC Flagged Available with Do Not Call status through the DMA and national Do Not Call Lists.
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US Data Corporation is not a Consumer Reporting Agency. It does not provide consumer or credit information for purposes of employment screening, housing, insurance eligibility, or credit decisions. All US Data email lists are opt-in and CAN-SPAM compliant. All US Data mailing lists follow DNC guidelines and scrubbing.

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